– Beef tenderloin carpaccio 100g/ 200g 35,00
/aurgula, artichoke, dried tomatoes, champignons, caper, parmesan/

– Chopped tenderloin beefsteak (raw beef ) 100g 35,00
/champignon, cucumber, onion, anchois, egg, toast/

– Chicken hearts 120g   18,00
/Iberio bacon/ orange/

Iberico – type of pork fat made from black Iberian pigs that live in southwestern region of the Iberian Peninsula. The black Iberian pig is dark in colour, it has pointed snout and long, thin legs. Genetic characteristic feature of the Iberian pig is it’s great capacity to accumulate intramuscular and epidermal fat, which is the key to it’s superb taste. Iberian pig is the only type of pig bred in a free range environment, fed with only sweet acorns.

– Veal Terrine 150g 26,00
/ blackccurant/ shortcrust pastry/ mushrooms/


-Silesian sour rye soup 300 ml 12,00
/mashed potatoes, egg/

-Homemade broth with pasta ( only on Sunday) 250ml 10,00
/cereal beef, julienne vegetables/

– Bortsch 200ml  13,00
/ meat or lentil/ shortcrust pastry/

Fish soup 250ml 18,00
/mushrooms/ pelati/ sour cream/ tarragon/



Lentil Salad 400g  21,00
/ pear/ beetroot/ wakame/

Wakame – a big, edible seaweed, widely used in Japanese cuisine. What makes it so special is its ingredient called fucoxanthin – a pigment that helps burn fatty tissue and protects the circulatory system. Wakame algae is rich in iodine, calcium, iron, magnesium, folic acid and vitamins: A, C, E, K.
Mixed Leaf Salad 300g  29,00
/ chicken fillet/ French mustard / honey/ tomato/ Emilgrana cheese/

Mixed Leaf Salad  250g 36,00
/ shrimps / cherry tomatoes/ garlic confit/ caviar/

Main courses

-Chicken shish marinated in chili  300g / 150g 35,00
/fried rice with vegetables, garlic dip, crouton/

Duck leg Confit 250g/ 200g/ 150g 44,00
/ Red cabbage, currant, rye

-Pork knuckle baked in Majer beer  45,00
/fried cabbage, potatoes/
Majer beer as a gift with the set

– Pork chop with bone rib 180g/ 160g/ 150g 25,00
/ Potatoes, cucumber salad /

Strap of ribs honey and beer  500g/ 150g/ 150g/  45,00
/ Smoked plum, pickles, chips /

– Silesian roulade 170g/ 160g/ 150g   39,00
/ dumplings, red cabbage/

– Veal cheek 180g/ 150g/ 150g  39,00
/ Aligot, green peas /

– Entrecote with chicken 180g/ 120g/ 100g  28,00
/ Corn, tomato, starch /

– Jumping Rabbit 180g/ 160g/ 50g 41,00
/ White wine, romanesco, mint /




– Sirloin steak 180g/ 150g/ 50g  69,00
/ Sweet potato, green pepper, arugula /

– Argentine steak Rib eye 300g/ 150g/ 100g  85,00
/ salad pak choi, baguette, butter truffle/


– Baked salmon 180g/ 150g/ 100g  39,00
/ Tomato, starch, carrot, lemon/

– Halibut 180g/ 200g/ 50g  46,00
/ Green vegetables, butter, white wine /


Pasta Trofie 350g 25,00
/ Basil, cheese amber, cashew nuts /

Pasta tagiolini 350g 30,00
/ Shrimp, bacon, tomato, parsley /


Ice cream selection 200g 15,00
Cottage whipping cream, Seasonal fruits/

– Herbal parfait 150g 14,00
/Citrus granite, Spinach soil/


Choice of desserts from our cabinet


Beer snacks

-Pretzels with obazda 6pcs. 28,00

-Nachos with garlic dip 190g 18,00

-Chicken wings in honey and ginger 150g  16,00

-Bavarian sausages  160g 16,00
/mustard/red onion jam

-Plums roasted in bacon 8pcs. 10,00

-Flammkuchen with bacon and onions 220g 20,00

-Flamkuchenn trio fromaggio 220g 22,00

-Majerburger with home made burger bun served with chips 300g 25,00

-Toasted garlic bread  220g 12,00