Majer Lager
There are four fundamental ingredients in beer producing recipe: the hop, the malt, the water and the yeast.
Taking care of the highest quality of the ingredients and the brewery master skills itself allows to produce an unique flavoured beer.
This is the way Majer Lager is produced. The four main ingredients create features that
are presented only by the best sorts of beer.
– The malt brings falvour and delicate caramel-honey aroma.
– The hop (entitles the soul of the beer) makes
sophisticated and charachteristc bitter taste.
– The water the key ingredient of the real beer, gives it crystal-clear taste
and provides the balance.
– Yeast the component which makes the beer alive.
The bitter taste cause that the beer is excellent as a aperetif with meat dishes.
It goes on well with all dishes with firm and expressive taste.

Majer Wheat Beer
Thanks to the wheat malt and the technology of the upper fermentation it is known by its extraordinary, intensive taste. Delicate sparkling meets with the tart taste which makes our Majer Wheat Beer go along with a gentle dishes and it is a perfect additive to the fish or poultry dishes.
The Majer Wheat Beer is a great choice with salads and light sauces dishes.
According to an old Bavaria tradition the wheat beer is an excellent suplement to breakfast as it ephasise the breakfast croissant taste as well as boiled sausages.

Majer Brown Ale
Marks out as a very sweet with strong aroma beer. Dark, roasted and burnt malts are
used to produce our Majer brown Ale and that is why this beer has got a caramel aroma with a delicate bitter flavour.
Thanks to the complex taste of Majer brown Ale is an excellent choice for your desserts such as ice creams, chocolate cakes or a chocolate soufflé.
The complexity of the taste makes our beer specially delicious with grilled meat or dishes served with heavy, roasted sauces.

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