See how we deal with a pandemic. Guest safety is our priority!


Special offer! Book a room in the „Safe stay COVID-19” option

If you value comfort and convenience, and above all your health – we suggest making a reservation in the „Safe stay COVID-19” offer! For our guests, we have managed to develop a number of measures in the field of COVID-19 prevention. We want you to feel safe with us and make your stay unforgettable! By booking this offer, your stay will be completely contactless, and you will gain access to the room through the application on your smartphone! Does it sound good? Let’s book through our website!

The price includes:

• Possibility of contactless check-in and check-out
• Possibility to use the services without contacting the hotel staff
• Opening the room with a smartphone
• Rooms are disinfected with the best devices available on the market – the risk of contracting coronavirus and other viruses is reduced to minimum
• Comfortable stay
• Free wi-fi






We operate in accordance with the current guidelines of national institutions responsible for health protection (Chief Sanitary Inspectorate, Ministry of Health). Our employees follow the changes on an ongoing basis to function in accordance with the latest rules.

Each person employed in the hotel has been properly trained and has the necessary knowledge to care for the safety of guests (in accordance with the recommendations for the hotel industry).

We have limited the number of guests who can be at the same time in any place in the hotel according to their area, using a 2-meter distance between people.



Disposable face masks are available at the reception. For guests worried about their health, we also have certified electronic thermometers.



Our rooms are fully disinfected of all equipment and flat surfaces. Bathrooms are thoroughly disinfected, so you can confidently use bathroom taps, flushes and other equipment. All door and window handles, light switches, chair handles, desks, telephones and bedside tables were disinfected with an alcohol-based antibacterial washing fluid.

After checking out, our rooms are cleaned, ozonated and disinfected with a special device SpeedyCare™ UV Robot, which, thanks to its power, is also used in hospitals to effectively disinfect hospital rooms before and after surgical procedure.



We have installed hand sanitizer dispensers in our facility – you will find them at the entrance to the hotel, at the reception desk, at the entrance to the elevator on each floor, at the entrance to the restaurant, in public toilets.

Our staff disinfects all surfaces on an ongoing basis, including table tops, handrails, door handles, buttons in the elevator, etc.



We offer our guests a Room Service with the possibility of ordering various dishes directly to the rooms. All meals are prepared in sterile conditions, and our chefs work with the principles of special hygiene.