We are presenting a process of brewing.

The Grinding
The aim of grinding is to facilitate the extractif ingredients of malt in water and stimulation enzymes as well as producing the ground for building a filtration layer of wort in the filter vat.
It is important to lead the process in such we can not allow a huge desintegration of the shell and to desintegrate as much as possible the leucoma.

The obliteration
The obliteration is the first phase of beer and lasts about half an hour.It is done in brewery vat.
The main ingredients of the mash is water and malt (barley or wheat). The mash is heated so that the starch in the grains could easily convert into plain sugar.

The Filtration
As a consequence of the filtartion prepared earlier masch a specific kind of liquid emerges which is called a wort. Apart from a wort , there is a distiller’s dried grain which is the shell of grains leftovers with some insoluble remains.

Boiling and the clarification
A Clarified wort first leaves the filter and after it is poured into the brewery pot, where the boiling phase is happening, the next ingredient added- the hop. The amount of the hop as well as the time has an influence on the aroma and a hint of bitterness .At the beginning of the boilling process a  part of the hop is added and the rest at the end so that the biterness could properly strenghten in the beer. The clarification is taking place in whirlpool, where the sediments are separated. Then the clarified wort is cooled from 100°C to about 10°C or 20°C.

The fermentation process
The next phase lasts about 3 to 8 days and takes place in tuns.
The fermentation process is initiated by yeasts which transfere sugar into alcohol and carbon dioxide. There are two types of the fermentation upper and lower, depending on the tempreature.

The seasoning
The next phase after the fermentation. The aim of this process is to obtain a stability, saturate beer with the carbon dioxide, and clarify the beer by gaining a correct amount of aroma. Our beer seasones in the special reservoirs for 2 to 6 weeks.

The ripe beer flows into intermediary containers which goes directly to the taps on the bar.